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If you are looking for the best personal shopper in Bangkok we propose a cheap shopping service that you will soon know is the best that you could find anywhere.

Is your Bangkok hotel proposing you an expensive personal shopper service ? In this case you should first try to communicate by Email with the personal shopper who is supposed to help you, as these people usually only are hotel staff who are also used as personal shoppers, but who do not know anything about foreigners needs.

We are helping hundreds of people every year and since we offer our personal shopping service in Thailand we have helped thousand of people to find and purchase everything they wanted at the best price in Bangkok and Thailand provinces.

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209 thoughts on “Feedback – Review

  • Cherry

    Thank you again for your great service, less than 1 week to order and receive my products from Thailand is far more better than anything I could expect ! I will definitively order again.

  • Jacquelyn Pulleine

    I wish to buy some Thai Massaman curry paste & Yellow Curry paste. I have purchased it from BOOM Brand Thai Spice @ Chatuchak market. I also wish to buy Lipton Lemon Iced Tea Powder and Close Up toothpaste 75 gram. Can you assist me what are your postage charges?

  • Siryane

    I wanted to buy something in Bangkok and get it quickly, so I tried this service and I am very happy ! Cheers !

  • Anonymous on

    hi there, i am looking for
    hi there, i am looking for high heels. is someone able to help me. the last time i visited bangkok i got some shoes for 25bath

    • BangkokPersonalShopper

      Dear customer,
      Thank you for

      Dear customer,

      Thank you for your message and sorry that because we receive too many requests everyday we can only reply to all questions from customers who follow our instructions. The process is this one:
      – You send your payment for our service fee
      – We find your items and send you the photos
      – You decide what you want to buy
      – We buy and ship your items (or you can contact the seller directly when communication in English is possible)
      Then our service is permanently free for you after your first order, contact us again anytime later when you need more products.

      If you need a personal shopper when traveling to Thailand please also use the link below to book our service.
      If you have already purchased goods in Thailand that you want us to pick up and send to your address the 1000 Thai Baht fee is only valid to visit your suppliers and ship your goods 1 time. If you need us to work for you regularly we will offer free visits later but sorry that we cannot reply to more questions before you have already used our service.

      Customers who know exactly what they want to buy and how much it costs can send a global payment for our fee + products cost + shipping cost, then we will buy and send their order the same day. If you want to get your order quickly tell us what you want to buy and we will send you an invoice of the total cost of your order (we can buy it and send it tomorrow).

      In all other situations please click on this link to send your payment for our “personal shopper fee”:

      Once the payment received we will find and/or buy your products and send you a final invoice including shipping by international Express mail (with tracking and insurance). You pay your items only after we have found them. We will also weigh your parcel to know the exact shipping cost.

      We are sorry to have to ask to proceed this way but we receive so many inquiries everyday that we have to make a selection among real potential customers and visitors who just ask without real interest in purchasing anything. We want to focus exclusively on real customers and this is the only way we have found to provide a better service.

      If you want that we find products for you in Thailand you must send us direct links to similar products found on any online shops (any shops from any country). We do not accept only photos and repeat that we want links of similar products found on any online shops. You must send a list of products that you are ready to buy if we find them, not just a general website link. We need 1 direct link for each item.

      We will find as many products as you want and you won’t have to pay any other fee whatever your order now or later. If you have your own website please send us the link to help us to understand better what kind of items you need.

      If you have more questions you can send them only after having followed our instructions because we do not receive messages from people who are not yet registered as customers, so we cannot read them and reply until you have used our service.

      Thank you again, we hope to work for your soon.

      Best regards,

  • Anonymous on

    Hi. Do you also assist for
    Hi. Do you also assist for shipping? After selected the photos? Thanks

    • BangkokPersonalShopper

      Dear customer,
      Thank you for

      Dear customer,

      Thank you for your message.

      We can help you during all the process of choosing and purchasing products in Thailand, then we can send your order to your country as we do for our customers from all over the world.

      Please read the Email that we have sent to know how to use our service.

      Thank you again for your order.

      Kind regards,

  • Anonymous on

    Hi, i am from Singapore. Am
    Hi, i am from Singapore. Am planning to start a small online business & i would like to take my stocks from Thailand. Can you guide me how to use the best of your service? I am interested in Bobea & Pratanum mall as my first choice. Thanks!