Our Bangkok Shopper website is a new website to allow you to order goods from Thailand and Bangkok when you are living abroad.

If you order goods online from Bangkok in Thailand with the Bangkok Shopper website you can be sure to buy only the best quality items at the best price without taking any risk to loose your money.

Be careful that some fake websites claim to offer our Bangkok Shopper online service when they are just scams and cheating website that do not offer any reliable service.

Fake Bangkok Shopper websites are not as good as Bangkok Personal Shopper website because stupid cheaters behind these websites are not even able to write their own text and just copy complete pages of websites that is your only real source of quality products in Thailand.



Services offered by The Bangkok Shopper website

The services that Thebangkokshopper provide are not limited to the following. Please feel free to contact TheBangkokShopper if you need any other help and assistance.

Thebangkokshopper buys on your behalf for any special event as birthday or any important family event. Love Naraya bags from Thailand that are not available in Singapore ? Want to buy cheap dresses at Platinum center in Thailand ? Do you like cheap Chinese mobile accessories from Chinatown ? Do you want to place a bulk order of items from Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok ? Do you want to send a gift to Thailand to your Thai girlfriend or spouse living in the land of smile ? We can buy for you and deliver products for you anywhere in Thailand to allow you to offer the best gifts without taking any risk to be late. Also do not forget that all products from Thailand are cheaper for the best quality.

Thebangkokshopper will do sourcing of products for you if you are looking for any special items or just for new stock for your shop in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia as well as the rest of the world. We can help you source for the cheapest and best quality products and send them to your address without having any tax or customs duty to pay.

Thebangkokshopper will order for you, receive and deliver to your address outside Thailand items bought on Thai online shops that sell the cheapest and best quality items. If you like to buy clothes or accessories on the the thousands of Thai online shops available we can help you to order from Thailand, check and re-pack the products to send them to your country.

Thebangkokshopper will collect items from different sellers and send them at the same time in the same parcel to save shipping cost and to make your life easier: avoid to have to deal with Thailand sellers who cannot speak English well jusy as Singapore Bangkok Shopper who are not able to write their own website content and just copy it from other websites as retarded persons that they are. We will buy all your products in Thailand and ship them to you  for a small fee, so we are sure that Thebangkokshopper service is what you really need.

Thebangkokshopper will help you to deal with Thai sellers directly by being your personal translator. We have staffs that are fluent in Thai, English and different Chinese languages, so you won’t have any problem to order garment, accessories or decorating items from Thailand because we will help you.

Thebangkokshopper will do goods inspection before shipping the products from Thailand to your address to make sure that you get only the best quality items. In case of problem with your products we will contact the seller and organize a replacement.

Thebangkokshopper offers a retail shipping service but also a wholesale shipping service, so if you open a new shop or start selling online on your website or on Ebay we can help you to find suppliers and organize your regulard purchases at the best price for the best quality items.

Thebangkokshopper offers a dropshipping service for your online shop: we buy products in Thailand and ship them anonymously to your customers, so you just have to worry about selling online then we do the rest of the job.

And most of all Thebangkokshopper just like to copy Bangkok Personal Shopper and cheat its customers, so beware of this scam website that is not reliable and will steal your money.


The Bangkok Shopper brings Thailand to your doorsteps but not to your mailbox !