We propose to our customers to buy in Thailand wholesale or retails products for personal use or to resell on their own market or country.

We work with small or large factories and our products are shipped from Europe or Asia, by air or by sea.

Our customers need to receive their products as fast as possible and the main advantage of working with us is that you can order small quantities of products very quickly and pay them the same price as if you were ordering larger quantities.

If you think that it is difficult today to buy high quality goods at reasonable price then it seems that you haven’t tried our personal shopper service yet.

If you think that it is easy to order goods from abroad with all the safety required for your business, then it’s possible that you have already tried our personal shopper service, or that you have been lucky with any other company providing this service.

You are right when thinking that there are many wholesale shops in both real and virtual space that are waiting for you to become their customer,  however, in the usual fashion shops goods are often overpriced, and it often seems that these suppliers have forgotten that you are buying goods from abroad to get them at the best and cheapest price, something that we never forget on

You can sometimes find good quality products on the Internet but on these shops it’s not always possible to buy the quantities that you need, and there is no easy way for you be sure that the whole items will be totally perfect and ready to sell to your customers, especially when ordering from China.

If you check all the items available on our store and like good quality products at the best price then you can’t remain indifferent to our products, as noone can can be indifferent to the most stylish clothing and eco-friendly products available in Asia and in Thailand. Also, if you cannot find on our Thai shop the products that you need send us a message and we will find these products for you, still at the best price.

On our online wholesale store you can find wholesale products as stylish accessories and clothes, fashion silver jewelry, fashion baby clothes, rasta bags and hats, electronic products, handicrafts and thousand of other items that you might want to buy at the best price in Thailand, being Bangkok or the provinces.

Most of the products presented on our virtual showroom are made in Thailand, the best place to choose in Asia if you want to purchase good quality products at the best price, a place that is really better than China and India when you are looking for new items, fashion items, handicrafts, and any other kind of wholesale products, especially if you need the highest quality, as cheap things are available somewhere else, but design and quality also are cheap there.

And you can really find anything you want in Thailand, being authentic goods or knock-off and lookalike goods as the copy of your favorite branded dress, jewelry that is very similar to Chanel, Dior, or other very expensive jewelry, but also totally newly created products, because Thailand is also a place where designers are famous for creating new styles and accessories that the whole world then want to sell.

Clothing means a lot for Thai women and fashion has a special meaning in Thailand, as most of the factories use only natural fabrics and most of the sewing is handmade, labour being cheap in developing countries.

Visitors of our wholesale online store will be pleasantly surprised by the low prices for trendy clothing collections that will be indispensable items and accessories next summer, but they will also be impressed by Thai silver jewelery that is close to perfect in term of design and creation, because Thailand is really the place to buy the cheapest best quality jewelry.

A wide range of silver bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and other accessories for men or women is available for wholesalers and retail shops, and just looking at our products will give you ideas not only for everyday wear but also for special dates, ceremonies, and other celebrations.

Most of the products from Thailand are durable and can be certified to be long life items, one more reason why many wholesalers like to purchase goods from Thailand rather than China or India.

It is famous that Asian women are very sensitive to the choice of clothes and to the way they dress and look, but you couldn’t imagine how incredible is the choice of products that are made in Thailand, for cheap, and which quality is a lot better than the one available in India or in China. Everything you want is available in Thailand, and when someone is looking for a very special items or incredible accessories, we will find a factory to make these products for you.

Our wholesale online shop offers a large variety of useful goods as women’s and men’s t-shirts, hats, trousers, Rasta accessories, but also jewelry and other trendy items that all women want. All Thai products are stylish and made with the best fabrics as our 100% natural cotton products, but also hemp products, 96,5% silver jewelry (the best quality of silver), and other goods.

You can find in our catalog accessories and apparel, but also decorative items that are strong and beautiful, interior accessories that will highlight your living area, all items that once purchased on our virtual store will create a wonderful atmosphere at home or office.

Our Internet shop allows professional customers to purchase goods at a bargain but you can also buy these products for yourself, because you couldn’t find them anywhere else, and also because our prices are the best available online for items sold in Thailand. You can buy quality things for all members of your family and when becoming a regular customer you will take advantage of the best discounts possible.

It seems that everybody can find our wholesale store useful for his business or pleasure, and not only our company offers the best choice of Thai made products available online, but our service and the possibility to order goods from anywhere in the world to be delivered within few days is also a great chance for you.

Do you prefer to buy fine things at very low price, find the best choice of Asian products available online, or buy wholesale items at the best price without having to purchase thousand pieces of each style ? Do not choose, as everything is now possible with our online wholesale and retail store.

For any question about how to buy products in Thailand and Bangkok, please leave a comment or contact us by using the menu contact form.