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880 thoughts on “Questions

  • John

    Hi there,

    Can you buy and deliver plants to malaysia? Can you assist to apply for Phyto sanitation and export permit?




    I would like to buy DeoKlear Meneral Deodorant Life in Motion (โรลออน สารส้ม ดีโอเคลียร์ มิเนอรัล ดีโอโดแรนท์ ไลฟ์ อิน โมชั่น) but other website as Shopee only shipping in Thailand.
    It is possible to use your service and ship the items to Malaysia?

  • Ning

    I want to buy some clothes brand on IG and other websites (Lazada, Shopee). After buying, those packages will be sent to Indonesia.
    Is it possible to do this service?

    • Charlotte

      Hi, recently I bought medications from Thailand and hope to ship them to Singapore. But however, the item is still in storage from v post as they’re unable to ship medication for personal use. Please let me know if you can ship them

  • Fara Najua


    I want to buy skincare product and shipping to Malaysia? how to place order ? Please show me guidelines

    Thank you

  • brisset yannick

    je recherche des bijoux en acier inoxydable.
    comment faire pour choisir les produits et les commander ?

  • Cahya

    Suppose I buy 2 items in August. Then I want to buy 3 items in September, 1 items in October and so on.
    Will it still be counted $29.90 till next year?

    • PersonalShopperBangkok Post author

      Dear customer,

      Thank you for your message.

      Yes, the price if for 1 full year.

      We can buy any items for you and send them to any address anywhere in the world, in Thailand or abroad.
      We can also help you to find and buy any products when you travel to Thailand.

      Please click on this link if you want to use our service:

      You only pay your products after we have bought them and sent you the photos.

      Thank you again for your order.

      Best regards,
      Your Customer Service.

  • Suvannee Iamjoy

    Do you do sundried products and fresh fruits and vegetable delivery to UK.?
    Kind regards,

  • nicole faltot

    je voudrais acheter des fleurs naturelles , telles que adeniums ou bonzai ,, ainsi que des cahussures tongs en tissus ,

  • Akash Premani

    Can you suggest me? I want to buy a Computer or a Laptop to run and learn SAP, Linux, Oracle, Database Program C and Program C++.
    Can you suggest me that which would be the better which could support with its best specifications.
    Also, send me price of Apple Macbook pro 16 inch.