Hello, here is a communication that I fond between Bangkok Personal Shopper and a customer, can you tell me if it’s true ? Do not worry, I actually understand your point and I think it’s good that you are honest. Everytime I have been cheated by online shops it’s true that they were trying to be as sweet as possible but at least you do not try to trap your customers by lying, so this is good ! I will use your service, thank you !





Hi, I have a few things I want someone from your company to help purchase it for me and mail it to me. Before I subscribe and pay the one time fee of $30, I want to ask a few questions. Do the personal shopper only shop for items within the Bangkok area? I have some traditional Thai blouses for ladies I’m looking for but I don’t know where they sell it in Thailand. In addition to that, I want to buy just cheap clothing from Thailand but how would the personal shopper be able to communicate the styles and prices to me? And last of all, how do I know I can trust you guys?








Dear customer,

Thank you for your message but maybe if you wonder how you can trust us you just shouldn’t send us a message ?

In case you agree that it was stupid to ask this we have sent you all information by Email and we can shop in Bangkok area or online when customers need products that are not found in Bangkok.

Other replies to your questions can be found in the Email that we have sent, please follow the instructions in this Email if you want to use our service.

Thank you for your order.

Best regards,







Thank you for response. I sure won’t use your service. Next time consider your choice of word regardless what I had asked. That’s not how you should respond to your customers. Your unprofessional response just lost all my trust and interest in your service.







Dear customer,

Thank you for your reply.

We are sorry if you cannot accept when someone gives a smart replies to a stupid question but this is the way it is. We offer the best personal shopper service in Thailand, the cheapest also, but cannot lie to our customers. Also, we like that people who contact us remember who needs who: we have more customers that we can accept, so this is the reason why we prefer to only work with someone who does not send this kind of ridiculous question. Do you really think that the ones who are not honest will tell you the truth ?

Our replies are not unprofessional, they are true, the unprofessional ones are the ones sending stupid messages, this is why we do not want to work with them.

Actually we understand that you just prefer to work with someone who will cheat you with sweet words when you should actually be smarter and appreciate someone who is just true.

Anyway, we wish you good luck and maybe if you search a lot you will find another company that will help you to buy goods in Thailand, but you can still contact us after being cheated or getting very unprofessional results. Then you might understand why it would be better to open your mind and just accept honest replies when you are wrong.

Thank you again.

Best regards,








Please don’t waste my time replying back anymore. Only unprofessional company like you will defend yourself in a way that you are telling your customer they are stupid. I will post your company every where possible in regards to the way you handled this issue. One thing you should consider is many fraud on the web. The way you handled this matter especially taking my questions in a way you telling me I’m stupid makes you sound like a fraudster like many I had encountered. I have never met any service as bad yours. We will see how long your business last after I do a few posting and blog about your service.







Dear customer,


We reply you again because you are cute to be as convinced as you seem 🙂

Don’t waste your time darling, if you think that we do this business for money you still have to learn a lot about life…

We do it as a service and we do not get any profit from it, so we will appreciate any advertising that you will do.

Anyway, have you ever heard that the only bad press is no press ? This is so true !

We are sure that even you can understand that if we were really scare by little girls we would not reply you frankly ? We would just do like other shops and pretend to be sorry as you seem to like. The difference between you and us is that we don’t need you or the customers that we might “lose” thanks to you, got it ?

Please come again within 10 years to see how you wasted your time trying to spread fake information about a business that has no competitors and enjoy our service, but you can be sure that our fee will be a lot higher, sorry about it.


Thank you again for all your attention, we love it.








Bitch! If you think you are talking to a little girl look at it again. You are one dumb bitch on your side talking stupid and ruining your business image. You wouldn’t want to compare between you and me what who have what. You are sure behind in the businesd world how to handle customers. You thinkyour service is so needed you talk dumb to me? Think again. Your website look fake ass fuck! I wouldn’t have used your service either way. You sound like a little kid talking crap on the web. You dont get any profit? I’m sure your bitchass wouldn’t be there if you weren’t getting any profit. And bitch! You really think your service will thrive in the next ten year? You are having too big of a dream. The way you talk and handle your customer you aren’t going anywhere. I’m not a department manager for no reason. Unlike you sitting on that side talking like you are important and needed in every business. That’s right. You have no competitors and still sitting at the bottom of the list. Trust me. Bad press is bad press not no press and not fake information. You are funny to say your service is professional and tell only the truth. (Lies). Your company is quit small to have bad service and as much pride and confidence as you do. Ten years I wouldn’t waste my time on such a weak company like yours. Good luck. Ha!








Dear customer,

Thank you for your reply.

As you have certainly noticed we haven’t been impolite and aggressive, but as it seems you are becoming we cannot keep having a nice conversation with you.

If you knew our manager family you wouldn’t talk this way and understand that there is not (yet) any profit behind this website. It’s hard to understand for someone like you who needs to work to live right, we understand this because we also have many poor american friends who just like you needed our service to export goods to US.

But what can we do to help you in this life ? Offer you free service ? If you are interested please just send us a message (not joking).

You might not understand this point from your western country full of certitudes but the only thing that we fear is bad karma and as we are taught in our country, when someone does not want to see the truth we should help him by being nice, so we really want to offer you a free service and you just need to send your shopping list if you want to buy goods at the best price that you could even think about in your craziest dreams.

Thank you again for all your love.

Best regards,